Jumaa Prayer Times: 1:30pm, 2pm
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Woodfarm Educational Trust

The Woodfarm Educational Trust (W.E.T.) is a registered Scottish charitable company based in East Renfrewshire. The Trust manages the Woodfarm Education Centre (former Woodfarm Sports Centre, 1 Burns Grove, Giffnock, Glasgow G46 7HF), which is the first facility serving the educational, religious, cultural and social needs of East Renfrewshire's Muslim community in its 40+ year history. The objects of the W.E.C. are two-fold:

  • To advance education, culture, heritage and religion for the public benefit among the residents of East Renfrewshire, particularly the Minority Ethnic Muslim Community.
  • To promote religious and racial harmony for the public benefit among the residents of East Renfrewshire.

W.E.C. recent events


  • Masha'Allah another successful inspirational evening on 21 June, 2014 from 7PM onwards, with our very own Shaykh Abdulaziz Ahmed, a leading Glasgow-based Islamic scholar and educationist, and learn about the essence of Ramadhan.

    Entry was FREE and hot dinner was served at the end of session. JazakAllah khair.
  • Another successful WEC Seminar: Understanding Ethical and Islamic Finance: More just and socially responsible models?
    Sunday, May 25 at 7:00pm - 9:30pm

    "The soul of the believer is held hostage by his debt in his grave until it is paid off" - saying of the blessed Prophet (peace be upon him) [reported in Tirmidhi]
  • 2013 WEC Annual Eid Dinner held on Sunday, 17 Nov 2013

    MashAllah! Another over-subscribed/jam-packed WEC Family Eid Dinner was organized and attended by over 150 people. Very many thanks to all East Renfrewshire (ER) residents who attended, including our Guests of Honour: our local MP Rt Honorable Jim Murphy, local MSP Ken Macintosh, Leader of ER Council, Councillor Jim Fletcher, and honourable ER Councillors: Councillor Vincent Waters, Councillor Gordon McCaskill, Councillor Tommy Reilly, and Chair of Thornliebank Residents Association. A wonderful evening was rounded up by short speeches from the Guests of Honour, and a widely-applauded Rap by a WEC Youth Panel representative, in support of a future ER Mosque and Community Centre!
  • WEC Public Information Evenings organized on 11 Nov 2013 and 18 Nov 2013, and launch of the East Renfrewshire Muslims Forum (ERMF) in partnership with the ER Muslim community organizations: East Ren Centre Ltd. (ERCL, at Langrig Road, Newton Mearns) and Iqra Learning Centre (ILC, at The Hurlet, Barrhead).

    MashAllah! Many congratulations to our East Renfrewshire (ER) Muslim community on a highly successful first Public meeting organized by WEC on 11 Nov 2013, which brought together around 100 local ER residents and representatives from all three major ER Muslim community organizations [WEC in Giffnock, East Ren Centre Ltd (ERCL) at Langrig Rd, Newton Mearns, and Iqra Learning Centre (ILC) at Hurlet, Barrhead], to express their unanimous support for the proposed ER Mosque project, and also to launch a new ER Muslims Forum (ERMF) for effectively serving the community’s needs - the full text of the FIRST-EVER joint-statement by the ER Muslim community issued at the WEC Public Information meeting, can be seen here:

    This joint-statement was also covered in the local media: "We are all in this together!" (MashaAllah!)

    WEC is grateful to Molana Habib Rauf Rahman from Glasgow Central Mosque, who inaugurated the Public Information meeting on 11 Nov 2013, with Quranic recitation and a reminder for the ER Muslim community. This first ever WEC Public meeting followed recent STV News coverage of our ER Mosque proposal, led by Mr Nazir Ahmed, as part of our East Renfrewshire Mosque and Community Centre (ERMEC) project
    (http://m.stv.tv/news/west-central/247600-eastwood-high-school-mosque-plans-in-newton-mearns-consultation ).

    A second WEC Public Information meeting was also organized in partnership with ERCL, on 18 Nov 2013, attended by over 50 wider community residents, including Eastwood High School Parent Council Chair, Newton Mearns Community Council Chair, Thornliebank and Giffnock Community Council Representatives, and East Renfrewshire (ER) Councillors. This was followed by another Public Meeting hosted at ERCL, Langrig Road, on 19 Nov, 2013, which gave ER Muslim and non-Muslim residents another opportunity to find out more information about the future ER Mosque. This open Public meeting was organized by the newly established East Renfrewshire Muslims Forum (ERMF) (launched at the WEC Public Information Evening on 11 Nov 2013, comprising all three major ER Muslim community organizations, WEC, ERCL & ILC).

    Finally, WEC and Support East Renfrewshire Mosque and Community Centre (ERMEC) are grateful to our local MSP Ken Macintosh for publicly re-enforcing his support for a future ER Mosque and Community Centre (ERMEC):

    and also to ER Muslim residents/parents, for organizing another Public meeting at Mearns Castle High School in Newton Mearns on, 12 Nov 2013, which provided a further opportunity to the local ER Muslim community to demonstrate their overwhelming support for establishing a future ER Mosque at our preferred Capelrig Road site in Newton Mearns, inshaAllah!

    The ER Muslim community is indeed blessed by the Almighty to have such unanimity in its ranks on all major community issues, and WEC is honoured to be facilitating and steering such efforts. We look forward to continuing working together with the wider community to further promote the good relations we already enjoy in East Renfrewshire.

    Please remember to 'like' the "Support ERMEC" campaign FB page (https://www.facebook.com/ERMosqueCommunityCentre) and be kept updated of future developments regarding our community's first dedicated Mosque and Community Centre in East Renfrewshire, inshaAllah!
  • WEC weekend Young Believers (YB) Class (for children aged 5-10) resumed on 26 October (running every Saturday, 11AM-12.15PM)

    The highly popular (fully-subscribed!) class offers Islamic learning in a fun environment to develop your child(ren)'s intellectual, spiritual and social needs. Topics include: Quran Storytelling, Seerah, 10 promised companions of Paradise, 5 pillars of Islam, Prophet Musa and Ibrahim, morals and manners plus projects, role play, and sports activities.

    Classes are led by experienced (including iSyllabus graduate) teachers and sports coaches (Sr Nayab Ahmad, Dr Saliha Minhas & Sr Tasleem Javem) Older children (aged 10-11) who successfully complete this WEC YB course, will be able to progress to the WEC iSyllabus School (for 11-14 year olds) Year 1 next year, inshaAllah!
  • WEC Eid Salats organized on 15 October 2013.

    Two jam-packed Eid Salats were organized again this year, with 1st jamat: at 8.30AM, and 2nd Jamat at 9.45AM.
  • WEC iSyllabus School, started on Wed, 25 Sep, (running every Wed, 6.30-80PM)!

    WEC is delighted to pilot the new iSyllabus for Schools Course!! A groundbreaking new Islamic Studies programme for 11-15 year olds (for this year, the course is specifically targeted at 11-13 year olds). This fully-structured, year long course (with weekly 2-hour classes) covers everything a young Muslim needs to know about Islam. Pupils will take part in engaging and enjoyable lessons, with parents being regularly updated of their progress. In addition to learning all about their faith, pupils will have the opportunity to take part in competitions, trips and projects throughout the year. The material in the Year 1 Workbook details the five pillars of Islam, the articles of faith, the life of the Prophet Muhammad (s), adab and akhlaq (morals and manners), Islamic Law, Living Islam and themes from the Qur’an. The Workbook, received by each pupil, is a complete full-colour, structured Islamic Studies course, with 72 engaging, informative and challenging lessons.

    The class was OVER-SUBSCRIBED this year. For more information, and to pre-register your child(ren) for next year, email the WEC iSyllabus School Admin Team at: admin@woodfarmeducationcentre.org.uk
  • 2013 Syria Day @ WEC was organized on 14 Sep 2013.

    The second annual 2013 Syria Day was successfully organized, raising over £4,000 on the day - all money raised was passed over to the charity: Ummah Welfare Trust Syria Appeal (with a 100% donation policy). May the Almighty immensely reward the tireless efforts of our dedicated WEC volunteers team, co-ordinated by Dr. Sahira Dar, and the very many generous community donors and sponsors, including:
    Chilli Grill, Heavenly Treats, Coffee Patisserie, Minars, Nadia Shariff, AA continental, LTC C+C, Sher Bros Trade and Wholesale, M Suleman C+C, Strawberry Gardens, Rightway, Glasgow cakes, Sugar Rush, Splash, Newsbox, Superasia, Madni, Watan, Punjab Stores, Ravis, Al Noor and Gulmarg. Watch out for the next 2014 Syria Day inshaAllah!
  • 2013 East Renfrewshire Diversity Day organized and co-hosted by WEC on 12 Sep 2013

    The high profile annual 2013 East Renfrewshire Diversity Day organized and co-hosted by WEC and Maccabi Centre (Giffnock) on 12 Sep 2013, attended by P6 pupils from local Primary Schools (from the Woodfarm Cluster). WEC’s lead role in co-organizing and hosting this annual inter-faith event was also acknowledged and appreciated by the Scottish Parliament! (https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=574452609285041&set=a.199579123439060.49356.129335583796748&type=1&theater )
  • NLP Course and WEC Seminars by Master Educator Shahid Akmal organized from 6-8 Sep 2013 and 26-29 Sep 2013

    A highly successful NLP course and three amazing WEC seminars (on Anger Management, Mindmapping for learning & Lessons from the life of Prophet Ibrahim) all conducted by Master Educator & NLP Trainer, Shahid Akmal, 6-8 & 26-29 Sep 2013. Some of the feedback from participants:
    “(A first time participant) I actually, surprisingly, liked all three of your talks and put them to use ”,
    “Very informative-never thought of all the lessons we can get from Ibrahim’s life-makes you think what sacrifices do we actually make!”,
    “I feel blessed to be part of the Sessions”,
    “I was very much inspired by your lectures”,
    “I attended the anger management talk, which I thoroughly enjoyed”
  • WEC Eid Parties oranized by Ladies (Urdu) Quran Tafseer Class, WEC Youth (Girls) Panel on 7th Sep 2013

    WEC Ladies (Urdu) Quran Tafseer Eid Party held on 7th Sep 2013, raising over £6,000 for the WEC refurbishment appeal! The WEC Youth (Girls) Panel also organized an entertainment-packed "Ladies Eid Dinner Party" to contribute towards this mashaAllah!
  • Monthly WEC Family Dinner Evening with Shaykh Abdulaziz Ahmed, held on 21 Sep 2013. Talk titled: "The True Spirit of Hajj"

    Following the fully subscribed WEC Monthly Dinner Evenings organized in June 2013 (Welcoming Ramadhan) and July 2013 (Significance of the the Last Ten Days/Ashara of Ramadhan), September's Family Dinner Evening with our Shaykh Abdulaziz Ahmed, was organized on Sat, 18 Sep, 6-8PM, where over 100 participants learnt about the true spirit of Hajj, and enjoyed a (hot) meal with family and friends!
  • The WEC Mother and Toddler Group organized a hugely successful Eid party on Tues, 27 Aug 2013. The new weekly class times are: Tue, 12-2PM. Fee: £3 per drop-in Session.
  • Alhamdulillah! Due to growing demand, a new *fully subscribed* WEC Ladies-Only (English) Quran and Islamic Studies Class was launched after Ramadhan, starting 26 August, (every) Monday, 7-8.30PM, covering:
    (i) Quran Word-to-Word Translation and Tafseer (explanation) - from the beginning (ii) Basic Quran Tajweed (Pronounciation) (iii) Duas (prayers) Class Fee: Only £5 per month per person (ladies and girls over 12 only). Class run by a highly experienced and qualified Teacher. MashaAllah over 100 ladies are attending this highly popular weekly class.
  • A fully subscribed "WEC Entertainment-packed Ladies Eid Dinner of the Year" was organized by the WEC Youth (Girls) Pane on Sun, 18 Aug, 2013, where over 100 ladies enjoyed a three course meal as well as a fun jam packed entertainment, including: Live nasheeds, Interactive Islamic quiz, Qiraats, Spoken Poetry, a range of exciting Stalls and loads more (including a prize for the best-dressed!)

    All money raised on the night went towards the Woodfarm Education Center’s Renovation Appeal.
  • Two WEC Eid Salats were organized on 8th August, with well over a thousand people (including men, women and children) attending mashaAllah! The first Eid Salat was led by Shaukh Abdulaziz and the second by Hafiz Shafiq Ahmed.
  • WEC Khatam-e-Quran programme was organized on 27th Taraweeh, Sunday, 4 August, starting 11PM.
  • A fully-subscribed "Help Your Children Excel at School - in only three sessions", by Shahid Akmal, was organized at WEC, from Thu-Fri 27-29 June, 10am-1pm Due to popular demand, this course will be organized regularly, watch this space for dates/details of the next one! A fully subscribed "Introductory NLP Course" by Shahid Akmal @ WEC, was organized on Thu 27 June, 8-10pm
  • Another fully subscribed "Enjoy Your Best Ramadhan Ever inshaAllah! By learning from Shahid Akmal @ WEC", was organized on Fri 28 June, 8-10pm
  • An OVER-SUBSCRIBED annual 2013 WEC SUMMER SCHOOL, was organized from 1st-5th July, for Boys and Girls (5-11 years). The theme of this year's School is: "Charity in Islam"
    As always, the School was co-ordinated and run by fully qualified (GTC registered) and experienced (female) Teachers, who were assisted by WEC Youth Panel volunteers.

    The School provided a range of fun-based lessons including on: arts and crafts, virtues and etiquettes of Ramadhan, morals, manners, indoor and outdoor play and sports activities and a trip – and lots more!
  • WEC Evening Quran & Islamic Studies School – Annual Parents Evening & Prize Giving Day, held at WEC, on Thurs, 20 June 2013, 4.30PM-6PM

    All WEC parents and children were invited to the Annual Parents Evening and Prize Giving Day to be held tomorrow, Thurs, 20 June 2013, 4.30PM - 6PM. Free hot refreshments were served- guests/interested parents participated! A wornderfull event.
  • Another successfull event: Hepatitis Awareness Day and (Free) Lunch @ WEC, Sun, 23 June 2013, 12-5PM.

    The Woodfarm Education Centre (WEC), in partnership with Ucare Foundation, the University of Stirling and NHS GGC Viral Hepatitis Managed Care Network organized a first of its kind: "Hepatitis Awareness Day @ WEC"

    FREE (hot) lunch was served, and more importantly, facts on hepatitis from the experts were discussed.

    FREE Q&A Workshop, advice and information for symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of Hepatitis.

    Keynote Speakers included (talks start 2.30PM): Dr Saeed Sarwar FRCP, Consultant Gastroenterologist, from Victoria Infirmary Glasgow and NHS GGC Viral Hepatitis Managed Care Network.

    The NHS GGC Viral Hepatitis Managed Care Network has kindly arranged to carry out free screening tests on the day for hepatitis B and C - Liver Specialist Nurse, Christine McTaggart, assisted by Manaim Shah, and interpreters, conducting simple needle prick tests, open to all adults (with appropriate follow-up in specialist NHS Clinics at Glasgow Victoria Infirmary).

  • Seminar @ WEC on: 'Journeying to justice: An inter-faith perspective' 6.30PM-9PM, Sun, 17th March (during Islam Awareness Week (IAW), 11-17 March 2013).

    The Woodfarm Education Centre (WEC) in partnership with New To Islam (NTI), organised a unique, first-of-its-kind interfaith Seminar focussing on learning and celebrating the spirit of journeying or migration, termed Hijrah in Arabic - from an inter-faith perspective.

    The word Hijrah itself is derived from the Arabic root word:

    Haa-Jaa-Rah, which means to abandon, to leave for another place, to migrate.

    This concept is particularly important to all Abrahamic faiths:

    for the Muslim faith (it refers to both Major Hijrah, the emigration from Makkah to Madina, and also to the first Hijrah to Abyssinia/Ethiopia), the Jewish faith (Exodus) and to Christians (Exodus and missionary work & the experiences of different groups such as the Mormons). The true spirit of Hijrah for all people however, is that we can make Hijrah in our own lives, from sin to salvation, from bad deeds, oppression to forgiveness, justice and goodness. The universal message of Hijrah for people of all faiths, and of no faith, is that we can abandon anything negative in our lives and move on to something better.
  • New weekly WEC Ladies Fitness classes start on, Monday, 11 March, 8.30PM-9.30PM (shifting to 8PM-9PM, from Monday, 18th March onwards).

    Charge: £3 per (drop-in) Session - for ladies and young girls (aged 12+): Improve your health and fitness in a friendly and relaxed ladies only environment.

    Joanne Jennings.

    Class includes a combination of:
    Mixed Circuits (moving through a series of resistance and cardiovascular exercise stations for a high intensity workout);

    Metafit with flexibility (fat-burning class combining traditional bodyweight exercises with the latest interval and Tabata techniques to set the metabolism on fire!), or Boxercise (circuit based class mixture of low and high impact)
  • WEC is planning to launch a weekend WEC Kids Play and Crafts class - for children (aged 4-12). Interested teachers/volunteers and parents, please email: admin@woodfarmeducationcentre.org.uk
  • WEC launches the first-ever NLP Practice Group @ WEC, starting 24 Feb 2013.

    WEC has launched the first-ever NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practice Group for the Muslim community - as part of its “Learning Community Professional Development Programme”, which will also support Shaykh Amer Jamil's “Invest in Our Imams” initiative. Watch out for other exciting programmes in this first of its kind Community professional development Series inshaAllah...

    The NLP Group will aim to organize occasional "Open" NLP Practice Sessions/Workshops, available FREE of cost, to all members of the community - from those with no previous NLP experience (whether qualified counsellors and therapists or those interested in learning and using it for their own personal development, including our community leaders/Imams) to experienced NLP professionals. The Open Sessions/Workshops will include practice of NLP techniques and skills, with a talk by an expert on a topic related to NLP.

    Those interested in learning about NLP may participate as clients or observe. Limited spaces for Open Sessions/Workshops, so pre-registration will be required - watch this space! For further information on the WEC managed NLP Group, please email: admin@woodfarmeducationcentre.org.uk

    If you are an NLP learner/practitioner, you are more than welcome to join the NLP Practice Group @ WEC, which meets on a monthly basis. For further information, please email: admin@woodfarmeducationcentre.org.uk
  • The first (oversubscribed!) monthly WEC Family Dinner Evening was held on Sun, 16 June, 5,30PM-8PM, with a Talk by our Shaykh Abdulaziz on "Welcoming Ramadhan"
  • Hate Crime & Third Party Reporting: Open Information Day @ WEC, Sun, 26 May, 2-5PM

    A successful Seminar was organized by WEC in partnership with SPMA on Hate Crime and Third Party Reporting on Sun, 26 May 2013, 2-5PM. Hate crime affects all communities and if not tackled can lead to the isolation and victimisation of individuals and vulnerable groups along with the polarisation of communities. Third Party Reporting aims to encourage people to report hate incidents and crimes to organisations other than the police. This free Seminar, organized by WEC in partnership with SPMA and NTI, addressed the different forms of hate crime, and ways to both prevent and report hate crimes, including through third party reporting sites (such as WEC).

    WEC is grateful to the Seminar Speakers for sparing their valuable time: Elizabeth Reid (Strathclyde Police), Kate Jackson (Crime Stoppers) and Kofi Tordzro (East Renfrewshire Council)
  • Lecture by Dr Farhat Hashmi, for Ladies only, at WEC, Wed, 22 May, 6-8PM.

    WEC is privileged to host Dr Farhat Hashmi, a leading islamic educationist and founder of Al-Huda Institute (Canada), who gave a Lecture for ladies only, at WEC, on Wed, 22 May, 6PM-8PM.
  • Family Fun Day and Meena Bazaar @ WEC, Sun, 28 April, 12-5PM.

    A very successful family fun day and meena bazar charity fundraiser was organized by WEC on Sun, 28 April, 2-5PM for Glasgow's new Abbotsford School - an exciting first Islamic Secondary School and pre-School Nursery being launched in Glasgow.
  • Quranic Story Telling by Shaykh Yusuf Estes, at WEC, 20 March 2013.

    Did you know who was in town? WECis privileged to have hosted Sheikh Yusuf Estes on 20 March 2013 at the over-subscribed WEC Family Storytelling evening. The world renowned Scholar (and ex-Christian Minister) inspired the families, particularly the enthusiastic children with his unique interactive Quranic storytelling. Very many thanks to all who attended, and also the WEC youth panels for helping with the fantastic organization, as always:) Watch out for the next WEC Family Educational Seminar (including new monthly Community Family Dinner Evenings - being launched shortly inshaAllah!)
  • Cancer Awareness Day @ WEC, 23 March 2013.

    Many thanks to ALL who braved the weekend snow to support a full-house attendance (mashaAllah!) at the Cancer Awareness Day@WEC, organized last Sat, 23 March 2013, as part of WEC's new Health Education Programme. Truly inspirational talks by our invited speakers, Shaykh Abdulaziz Ahmed and Dr. Mohammed Rizwanullah, along with personal experiences of Haroon Abbas and Salma Hamid, complemented by the beautifully moving live poetry in support of the fundraiser by a young WEC youth panel representative. Many thanks also to our Guest of Honour, Ken Macintosh, local MSP, for coming along to say a few words, the Well Foundation for helping co-organize the event, and ALL the generous sponsors of this charity fundraiser (organized in support of MacMillan Cancer Support).
  • Interfaith Seminar on "Journeying to Justice", 17 March 2013.

    WEC, in partnership with NTI and East Renfrewshire Faith Forum, organized an interfaith Seminar on "Journeying to Justice" - a unique first-of-its-kind Seminar focussing on learning and celebrating the spirit of journeying or migration, termed 'Hijrah' in Arabic - from an interfaith perspective.Haa-Jaa-Rah, which means to abandon, to leave for another place, to migrate.

    This concept is particularly important to all Abrahamic faiths: for the Muslim faith (it refers to both Major Hijrah, the emigration from Makkah to Madina, and also to the first Hijrah to Abyssinia/Ethiopia), the Jewish faith (Exodus) and to Christians (Exodus and missionary work & the experiences of different groups such as the Mormons). The true spirit of Hijrah for all people however, is that we can make Hijrah in our own lives, from sin to salvation, from bad deeds, oppression to forgiveness, justice and goodness. The universal message of Hijrah for people of all faiths, and of no faith, is that we can abandon anything negative in our lives and move on to something better. Many thanks to all who attended, and the excellent Speakers: Dr Chris Vermeulen (Orchardhill Parish Church Minister), Diana Wolfson (Past President, Glasgow Jewish Representative Council, and Convenor, Scottish Interfaith Council), and Imam Habib ur Rahman.

    WEC, in partnership with NTI and ER Faith Forum, now organizes bi-monthly interfaith Seminars which have replaced the previous monthly 'Open Community Evenings - meet your Muslim Neighbours for Tea at WEC', which were organized and run by WEC and NTI during 2011-12 - watch out for the next one!
  • WEC organized another sold-out Fundraising Dinner "The Black and White Party @ WEC", on 16 Feb 2013, 7.30PM-10PM.

    A big thank you to everyone who came along and supported the noble cause, particularly our generous sponsors: AA Continental, Halal & Fresh, Alia Cupcakes and Sweet Tooth cakes. Finally, a special thanks to Saffron for the wonderful food and the awesome Hall decor - which perfectly complemented the "Ladies Black and White Party" theme!
  • WEC organized a successful FREE Ladies Fitness Taster Day @ WEC, on Sun, 3 March 2013, 2PM-4PM.

    A big thank you to all who turned up at, and a special thanks to the Instructor: Joanne Jennings who kindly volunteered her valuable time for the Taster Session, and to the WEC (Girls) Youth Panel for the excellent organization! Regular weekly (drop-in) classes start Monday, 11 March, 8PM-9PM.
  • The highly popular weekend WEC Young Believers Classes - for boys and girls aged 5-10 years) re-started on Sunday, 13th January 2013, and are continuing every Sunday, 11AM-12.45PM.

    Islamic learning in a fun environment to develop your children's intellectual, spiritual and social needs. The pupils engage in a range of activities such as arts and crafts, sports, role play, Islamic nasheeds and much more! Co-ordinated by highly qualified and experienced local Nursery and Primary School Teachers.


    welcome to help out, as always (including all SALTIRE awards aspirants!). Places may be available Fee: £45 per child per term payable on the first day of each term (first term: 13 Jan 2013 - 24 March 2013) - works out at just over £2 per hour! Register (free) on-line via this website (http://wecyoungbelievers.eventbrite.co.uk/ ) Interested volunteers, please email: admin@woodfarmeducationcentre.org.uk
  • WEC hosted lectures by two distinguished visiting Scholars from Madinah, the City of the Blessed Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him), on the "Minor and Major Signs of the Day of Judgement", on Monday, 14 Jan 2013, 7PM-9:30PM. Very many thanks to all the families who attended the inspirational talks on the "Signs of the Last Day" and a special thanks to the WEC youth panels (particularly the girls team:) who helped make the event a huge success!
  • WEC organized a highly successful Seminar on: - Brain-friendly learning - for students, teachers and parents" - by Shahid Akmal, Friday, 14th Dec, 7PM-9PM. WEC has launched a new Seminar Series on Effective Learning and Teaching, with the first interactive Seminar titled: "Brain friendly learning" which included an Islamic perspective on the value of knowledge.

    Key features of the course included: the Islamic concept and value of knowledge; how to 'learn' anything effectively - without getting bored; how to develop and follow an effective revision plan; how you can help your child(ren) - in any subject, at any level without being qualified yourself! ow to introduce effective and enjoyable family learning time into your home...
  • WEC launched fortnightly Family Lectures on Islamic history and Seerah - with Shaykh Habib ur Rahman, on Wednesday, 28 Nov. First Topic: "An insight into the family of the blessed Prophet (Ahl-ul-Bait)" - the first of its kind Series launched in Glasgow.

    Talks continue fortnight Sundays fortnightly (next talk: Sunday, 17 Feb 2013, 8PM)
  • WEC partnered with Exquisitus, to host the Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner Certification Training. Course dates:

    Module 1: 30 Nov - 2 Dec 2012, Module 2: 13 - 16 Dec 2012. This was a certified course and the instructor, an ANLP Trainer Member. Watch this space for future courses/seminars on NLP!
  • WEC launched its weekly WEC Tuition Club, in SQA Maths, Science and English (ALL levels offered by experienced Teachers). Prices (from £5 per person per full hour for small group (3-8 max.) tutoring/homework clubs, and from £25 for one-to-one tuition). Current classes run on:

    Saturdays (10AM-12noon) in Maths and Science (all levels), and Mondays (5PM-7PM):

    English (Int/Higher/Adv. Higher).

    E-mail the WEC Tuition co-ordinator to register and for further details: wectuitionclub@hotmail.co.uk or admin@woodfarmeducationcentre.org.uk
  • WEC partnered with Strathclyde Fire to host the first "Bone Marrow Donor Information & Registration Day @ WEC: Can you help save a life?

    Join the Anthony Nolan "Bone Marrow Donor register" by attending the first Open event being hosted in East Renfrewshire, at the Woodfarm Education Centre, in Giffnock, Glasgow. The event was hosted on Saturday, 8th December 2012. Many thanks to all who participated and supported this noble cause. This was a joint event between WEC and Strathclyde Fire and Rescue and the Anthony Nolan Trust.
  • Like in 2011, WEC co-organized the East Renfrewshire (ER) multi-faith Diversity Day, on 25 Nov 2012.

    The event was hosted at the Macabbi Centre, Giffnock (where over a 100 people attended, including Primary 5,6,7 School children and their families). Youth leaders from both WEC and Maccabi (along with volunteers) supported this exciting event.

    This event is part of a series of multi-faith initiatives undertaken by WEC in partnership with other faith organizations based in East Renfrewshire (particularly Maccabi and ER Faith Forum) as well as Glasgow (NewToIslam) - all aiming to help promote mutual respect, tolerance and understanding among different faith communities - watch this space for the other forthcoming events!
  • WEC launched the Weekly WEC Youth Sports Club (for Boys, aged 12+), every Thursday, 7PM-9PM

    The new WEC Youth Sports Club was launched on Thursday, 4 October 2012 and is running on a weekly basis. The Club provides a variety of sports activities (including football, cricket, basketball, badminton and table tennis), fitness programme (strength & stamina) as well as other fun activities, followed by a short Islamic reminder.

    Opportunity to progress into an 11-aside & 5-aside WEC team. Indoor & outdoor activities (including on adjacent Woodfarm synthetic football pitches).

    Training provided by 2 fully qualified coaches/trainers with a combined 20+ year experience. Charge: £2 per person per Session. Two Age Groups: 12-15yrs, and 16+.

    Weekly (drop-in) Session:

    every Thursday, 7PM-9PM (no registration required).
  • WEC launched weekly WEC "Wing-Chun" Martial Arts Class on Sunday, 7thOct, 11AM-12.30PM, open to both brothers & sisters (kids over 10 yrs). Class fee: £20 per month for individual adults/first family member; Discounted £15 fee for child or second (and additional) family members (payable in advance at first session of each month).

    Wing-Chun Benefits? A little Wing Chun every weekend will improve your life in many ways - it will go a long way to help you develop a healthy body and healthy mind. So, improve your general health and fitness and learn self-defence skills in a relaxed environment by joining the new weekly WEC "Wing-Chun' Martial Arts Class. For those interested in knowing about the more exciting aspects of Wing Chun, it is the most effective of close quarter combat techniques and is taught to special forces and seen in movies like The Bourne Supremacy, Ip Man - and first demonstrated in the West by Bruce Lee! To register your interest in the Club, email: admin@woodfarmeducationcentre.org.uk
  • During 2012, WEC launched the first of their kind in East Renfrewshire) Monthly Open Community Evenings - Meet for tea with your Muslim Neighbours at WEC, which ran on the second Thursday of each month. These evenings were an Open invitation from the Muslim community to further enhance the good relations we already enjoy in East Renfrewshire and Glasgow. Wider community members were invited to join their neighbours for a cup of tea in an informal get together, on the SECOND Thursday of each month, from 7PM-8PM, at WEC. The first event was held on: Thursday, 9th Feb 2012, and the last one in Dec 2012. These monthly events were jointly organized by WEC and NTI (www.newtoislam.co.uk). In 2013, these Open Community Evenings have been replaced by quarterly inter-faith events organized by WEC in partnership with NTI.

    Next WEC-NTI Seminar is on: 'Journeying to justice: An inter-faith perspective' 6.30PM-9PM, Sun, 17th March (coinciding with the Islam Awareness Week (IAW), 11-17 March 2013). Watch this space for furture events..For further info., please email: admin@woodfarmeducationcentre.org.uk.
  • WEC Eid Salats, 26th October 2012, First jamat: 9.30AM, Second jamat: 10.30AM

    WEC is pleased to accommodate two Eid Salats on Friday, 26th October.

    * First Eid Jamat held at 9.30AM (with English talk starting at 9.10AM) led by Shaykh Amer Jamil.

    * Second Eid Jamat held at 10.30AM (with English & Urdu talk starting at 10.10AM), led by Hafiz Shafiq Ahmed.

    As always, brothers and sisters were both welcome to the two jamats.
  • WEC Family Eid Dinner Party, Sunday, 28th Oct 2012, 4.30PM-7PM.

    The WEC Family Eid Dinner Party held on Sunday, 28th October from Maghrib (4.30PM) till Isha (which held earlier at 7PM - for that day only). Limited seats due to Hall capacity.

    A £20 donation was requested per family (payable at the door) as a contribution towards the WEC fundraising appeal. The Eid dinner was served after Maghrib salat and was privately sponsored.
  • WEC "Youth Careers Advice and Guidance" Seminar on Sat, 29 Sep 2012, 2-5pm.

    A very successful, first of its kind WEC Careers Advice and Guidance Seminar was held at WEC on Saturday, 29 Sep 2012. Youngsters and parents from local East Renfrewshire Schools and from all over Glasgow attended inspiring presentations by representatives from Skills Development Scotland, Strathclyde Police, Fire and the NHS, followed by Advice & Information Stalls manned by Professionals from a range of popular careers. Very many thanks to all the Professional volunteers who spared their valuable time, including the Event chair AbdulAzeem Climie. For those who missed out, don't worry...due to popular demand the WEC Careers Day will be organized every year inshaAllah!

  • WALK FOR WEC! Family Hillwalking in the Trossachs - Ben A'an Walk, Monday, 24 Sep 2012

    Many thanks and very well done to all who braved the Scottish winds earlier today to conquer Ben A'an in the Trossachs mashaAllah!! It was a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon with children as young as 5 (well done Yunus Amin and Yunus Shaikh!) who climbed with their Mums and Dads to reach the Summit - where brothers also gave the 'Azan' and read Zuhur Salat in congregation! Many thanks to Brothers Shaukat Ali and Umran Amin for leading the groups. For those who could not make it today, don't worry...this is the first of many WEC families fun expeditions, including for charity fund raising - watch this space for the next one inshaAllah:)
  • WEC Tuition/Homework Club Information & Registration Session, Thursday, 27 Sep, 6.30PM-8PM

    A very successful WEC Tuition/Homework Club Information & Registration Day was held at WEC where parents and children were able to find out more and registered for regular classes in English and Maths (all levels). Charges from £5/hour. For more details, email the Co-ordinator: mediehah@hotmail.co.uk or admin@woodfarmeducationcentre.org.uk
  • WEC Kids Eid Mela was held on Sat, 8th Sep, 12noon-4PM, organized by the WEC Mother and Toddler Group, exclusively for Ladies and children, in support of the WEC Building Acquisition Appeal. Some of the activities included: Face Painting, Arts and Crafts, Pop-in & Play Room, Councy Castle, Cupcake Decorating, Islamic Books, Mehndi for Mums, Fire Engine, Smoothies and Snacks, and much much more! Over £2500 was raised in just over 4 hours!
  • Open WEC Demo on "Wing Chun Kung Fu" Martial Arts, was held on Sun, 9 Sep 2012, 4PM-5:30PM. The event was very well attended by both brothers and sisters. Regular/weekly Wing Chun classes now starting at WEC, from Sunday 7th Oct, 11AM-12.30PM. Limited places, please register on-line via: http://wecwingchun.eventbrite.co.uk
  • An exciting programme of activities and events was organized during Ramadhan 2012. Some highlights included:
    • WEC Khatam-e-Quran (Quran recitation completion) programme was held on Tues, 14th August, with a short talk by Shaykh Amer Jamil.
    • Daily Ladies Quran Dars: in Urdu (whose concluding session was attended by over 200 ladies, and is continuing after Ramadhan, every Saturday 10AM-11AM) and a separate daily Quran dars in English, 7.30PM-8.30PM (which is also continuing after Ramadhan, every Wednesday, at the same time)
    • WEC Ramadhan Kids Zone (for children aged 5-10yrs, run by a qualified Children Sports Coach), 3P-5PM, Mon-Fri, from 30th July until 10th Aug (the class was fully subscribed and the children subsequently went live on air at Radio Ramadhan Glasgow to talk about their experiences! - see photographs on Facebook)
    • A special iftaar was hosted by WEC for its Volunteers and brothers and sisters from the New To Islam group (attended by nearly 150 people!)
    • Daily taraweeh programme was organized (with over 200 people attending daily). Two Eid salats was organized, first at 8AM (led by Shaykh Amer Jamil) and second at 9.30AM (led by Shaykh AbdulAziz Ahmed). MashaAllah, more than 500 people turned up at the two Eid salaats.
    • WEC Open Seminar on “Islamic & Ethical Finance: An alternative Solution to the Global Financial Crisis?”, was organised on Wed, 25 July, 7:30PM-9:30PM by WEC in association with the Islamic Finance Council (IFC), UK, and the James Gibb Stuart (JGS) Trust, a Glasgow charity which works to reduce debt by educating about banking.


      - Omar Shaikh, IFC Executive Board Member (on Islamic finance perspectives) - Alistair McConnachie, JGS Trust Secretary (on the work of 'Positive Money - simple solution to debt crisis' and "Prosperity - freedom from debt slavery")

      The event concluded with a complementary light dinner buffet ('breaking of the fast' with the local Muslim community).

      Great feedback on the very successful Seminar. Many thanks to the excellent speakers, Omar Shaikh and Alistair McConnachie, Br Abdulazeem Climie for kindly chairing the seminar, and the ever fantastic WEC organizing team of local volunteers. Some of the feedback:

      - "An enjoyable event. I felt very welcome in the Islamic community and the speakers were good. I was finally able to get some questions answered about ethical screening in Islamic finance that I hadn't before and a good understanding of how Positive Money's proposals would work in relation with that finance model. Thanks for hosting the event, I hope that there will be more in the future!"

      - "Very worthwhile and informative presentations, a message for the future. Consider developing for wider audiences!"

      - "Let me say it was a pleasure to be there! I've dropped a letter in the post to you. For my part, I don't have any suggestions on how it could have been improved!"
    • Interschool Quran Competition, 19th Feb 2012

      WEC youth classes successfully participated in the Glasgow Inter School competition again this year, organised by Al- Meezan.

      Last years success when Hafsah Bashir came first for delivering a speech on Salat and Sana Bashir came second in the Nasheed Competition was not replicated and no major prize was won this year. Many congratulations to the overall prize winners from North Lanarkshire mosque.
    • WEC's Muslim Chaplain and Inter-faith Lectures at Woodfarm High School, 16 Feb 2012

      WEC's Abdul Azeem Climie, has been appointed Muslim Chaplain for Woodfarm High School. Br. Abdul Azeem gave a series of interfaith talks to the School students on Fri, 16 Feb 2012, which were very well received by pupils of all faiths.

      John Stuart, the Depute Head, said: Abdul Azeem Climie’s Assemblies were well received.

      The content of the talk was very interesting Many staff reported that Abdul Azeem pitched the message extremely well by highlighting the tolerance and mutual respect that has existed between Islam and Christianity since the beginnings of Islam. Many pupils were also surprised to learn that you could be a white Scottish Muslim!

      This allowed staff to help pupils challenge their own preconceptions and, I think, helped to break down some stereotypes.

      Woodfarm High School is very grateful to WEC and to Abdul Azeem for giving up his time in this way to allow pupils the opportunity for meaningful reflection. We look forward to continuing working with WEC.”
    • Creative Writing Hits WEC Again!, 14 Feb 2012

      Explore Learning have held more sessions for children during the February school break.

      Over 50 youngsters aged between 7-13 attended three Workshops on the themes:

      Charlie and Lola, Matilda and Harry Potter.
    • Another successful Market @ the Grove, Sat, 11 Feb 2012

      Another successful Family Fun Day Meena Bazaar has been held at WEC again.

      Saturday 11th February 2012 brought together families and communities from all races, cultures and backgrounds.

      Despite the weather a busy and very enjoyable day was had by all. Another major one in planned over the summer - watch this space!
    • WEC co-organized Charity Week`s FUNFAIR for WOMEN held on 29th Oct 2011, 11AM-3PM, at Unit 4, 5 Spiersbridge Terrace, Thornliebank Industrial Estate, G46 8JH

      WEC and Charity Week presented a Funfair @ Thornliebank Industrial Estate! All proceeds went to charity.
    • WEC co-organized the Multi-faith: `Children's Fun Diversity Day`, at Maccabi Centre, Giffnock, Glasgow, 23 October 2011, 2-5PM

      The Woodfarm Education Centre, in collaboration with various community (including Jewish and Christian faith) organizations, co-organized the (first of its kind multifaith): 'Children's Fun Diversity Day' hosted at the Maccabi Centre in Giffnock, Glasgow, on Sun, 23 October, 2011, 2PM-5PM. Entrants were aged 9-12 years. Eastwood MSP Ken Macintosh also attended.

      The event offered a range of sports and fun cultural activities for children, including: Tug o War, Parachute Games, Mug painting, Rope Tying, Team Games, Asian and Israeli Folk dance. Organizing Groups included: East Renfrewshire Faith Forum, Orchardhill Church, Giffnock Scouts, Boys Brigade, Maccabi Centre, Glasgow Jewish Rep Council, East Renfrewshire Council, Active Schools, Jewish Lads and Girls Brigade, 5th Giffnock Guides, Woodfarm Education Centre.
    • WEC-4Squares Group Tuition classes in Maths and English: 1st Block ran successfully from 30th Oct 2011 - 4th Dec 2011 at WEC.

      The Woodfarm Educational Trust partnered with 4Squares to offer Group Tuition in English and Maths, with regular performance monitoring; Homework Club option; Mock Tests and more!
    • The 2011 Eid-ul-Azha prayer programme was organized by WEC on Sunday, 6 November 2011. Alhamdulillah, two Eid jamaats were organized to accommodate the significantly increased number of participants this year: the main jamaat (at 10:15AM) was led by our Shaykh Amer Jamil and an earlier one at 9AM led by Hafiz Shafiq Ahmed. MashAllah, approximately 400 men, women and children attended over the two namazes. JazakAllah to all for their very generous donations on the occasion.
    • WEC organized the second annual course on Hajj, titled: "Meaning and Importance of Hajj' on 17th October 2011, 8.30PM-10:30PM.

      Shaykh AbdulAziz conducted the course which was well attended by both brothers and sisters, including those embarking on Hajj this year.

      Light refreshments were served courtesy of Mr Mohammed Rashid.
    • WEC organized a hugely successful "Eid Fundraiser Dinner", on Sun,25th September 2011, 7PM – 10PM. Thanks are due to all theparticipants including Leader of ER Council, Councillor Jim Fletcher,who was the Guest of Honour.
    • WEC organized a Lecture on 'Unity of Ummah' by Molana Mohammad Aslam, on 22 Sep 2011, 9.30PM-11PM.
    • WEC hosted "The Essentials of a Successful Muslim Marriage" Course,Sun, 18 Sep, 10.30AM-5.30PM. The popular course was conducted byShaykh Amer Jamil, and was attended by both married and engagedpeople.
    • WEC organized the Market @ The Grove, on Sat, 17 Sep, 12-5PM, offering a variety of Stalls, gifts, makeovers, children'sentertainment, food and much more! Several hundred families turned updespite the wet weather to support the charity fund raising eventwhich was generously sponsored by the international relief charity:Al-Khair Foundation based in Glasgow.
    • WEC Ramadhan & Eid Education Programme (including Tarawih, Friday Jumah and Eid Prayers)

      Following last year’s first and hugely successful Ramadhan and Eid programmes, WEC organised another daily.

      Taraweeh programme during Ramadhan and an Eid Programme to mark the end of the holy month.

      Numbers attending this year’s programme rose from over 150 people last year to over 200 people this year. The Eid – Ul – Fitr educational prayer programme was held once again with another educational prayer programme planned to to mark Eid – Ul – Adha in November (which will be led by Shaykh Amer Jamil). Maghrib & Ishaa jamats will continue to be held everyday after Ramadhan as well - please download the current WEC Newsletter for a copy of the timetable.

      The Friday Jumah Programme for local school children also continued this year (in partnership with local Schools).

      Due to popular demand, the Friday programme is continuing after Ramadhan. During British Winter Time, the programme will coincide with the Schools’ lunch time (12.30PM – 12.45 PM) and during British Summer Time, the Jumah programme will be held after School from 3PM – 3.20PM, so the students do not have to miss any of their School classes.
    • Charity Fundraising Dinner, 24th August 2011, 7.30PM-10.30PM

      A fund-raising dinner was organized by Al-Khair Foundation in association with the Woodfarm Education Centre to support the famine victims in Africa. All money raised through ticket sales and donations on the night went towards the humanitarian aid effort. The event proved to be very popular with many local brothers and sisters who joined others from around Glasgow to help the fundraising effort. A big thank you to all!
    • Free Creative Writing Workshops (aged 6-12), 19-20 July 2011

      Following the previous hugely successful Creative Writing Workshop, the Woodfarm Education Centre (WEC) organized a follow-on 'Roald Dahl Week' on 19-20 July, involving free Creative Writing Workshops (conducted by the fantastic Explore Learning Staff, Gail and Jill).

      Many thanks to all who turned up and helped make the Workshops a great success. Over 30 children participated in the Workshop sessions and the parents of those children who missed out, due to being away on summer holidays, have asked for more workshops, which will be planned after Ramadhan inshaAllah.
    • WEC-SPMA Family Fun Day / Meena Bazaar Charity Fund Raiser, 9th July, 12-5PM

      Several hundred local people attended the WEC Family Fun Day / Meena Bazaar Charity Fundraiser that was jointly organized by WEC and the Scottish Police Muslim Association (SPMA).

      The Fun Day was a fun afternoon out for families with food, clothes & jewellery stalls, face painting, photography, beauty therapy, henna artistry, bouncy castle, games for children and lots more!

      Due to the warm weather, there was also a parent and child sports event, with egg and spoon races/tug of wars and much more! For those who missed out, there will be another Family Fun/Eid Day after Ramadhan, watch this space!

      *** Some feedback from participants: "Another even more successful family fun day. Well done to all organisers and volunteers. WEC goes from strength to strength - really at the heart of the community." Ken Macintosh MSP (East Renfrewshire Council/Eastwood) ***
    • "First WEC Summer School, 4-8 July 2011"

      The Inaugural WEC Summer School provided a range of fun-based lessons on virtues and etiquettes of Ramadhan, morals, manners, arts and crafts, indoor and outdoor play activities and a trip. Over 150 people (including 50 School children along with their parents and dozens of School Staff/volunteers and guests, including the local East Renfrewshire Council Leader, Councillor Jim Fletcher) attended the School prize-giving ceremony on Friday, 8th July, which was followed by an inspiring Jumah khutbah by Shaykh Amer Jamil - overall, a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon for all who attended, and the School Staff, children and their parents are already looking forward to the next WEC Summer School inshaAllah!

      Very many thanks to the School co-ordinator Sr Almas who was ably supported by Br Shokat, Sr Naheed, Sr Tasneem, Br Sajid, Muiz and several other volunteers, all of whom together helped make the WEC Summer School dream a reality.
    • Following the hugely successful free WEC Christmas Revision Study Course (that was also promoted by the local East Renfrewshire Council Schools), the Woodfarm Educational Trust organized a follow-on "Free WEC Higher Revision Study Course" from 24 April 2011 - 8 May 2011.

      The revision Classes (covering practice of past exam papers) were taught by qualified and experienced (GTC registered) subject teachers: Mr. Blackburn (Higher Maths) and Mr. Campbell (Higher English) at the Woodfarm Education Centre (WEC) prior to the start of the SQA Higher examination period). The Classes were oversubsribed (by S5/S6 students from local Schools due to sit their English and Maths Higher exams this year) and ran on three consecutive Sundays, starting 24 April 2011.

      Following popular demand, regular weekly revision classes will start after the 2011 summer holidays for Higher/Int2 students and will run throughout the year. Many thanks go to the WEC teachers, the local Schools, ERC Councillors and also to the local press, including the Evening Times and The Extra, who kindly advertised the WEC classes (for free) to the local community, and helped make them a huge success!

      Feedback from wider community:

      “Dear Dr Hussain, I think the Higher Revision Courses for English and Maths is an excellent initiative, which I hope will continue in the future. Keep up the good work!” Alex Mackie (Cllr.) Provost ER Council
    • A Family Fun Day (Meena Bazaar Charity Fundraiser) was held at the Woodfarm Education Centre (WEC) on Saturday, April 30th 2011, 1-5PM. The Meena Bazaar was a fun afternoon out for families with food, clothes & jewellery stalls, face painting, photography, beauty therapy, henna artistry, games for children and lots more!

      The event was attended by several hundred people from the local community, including WEC's neighbours, and was thoroughly enjoyed by adults and children alike - many thanks go to Sr Shazia for organizing the event and helping raise funds for the charity-run Centre.
    • A Free 'Creative Writing Workshop' for young children (aged 7-13) was hosted at the Woodfarm Education Centre on Thursday, 14 April, 12-3PM. The Workshop was conducted by volunteering Staff from the 'Explore Learning Centre' (who do a lot of excellent work for local East Renfrewshire primary & secondary schools). Many thanks to all who turned up and helped make the Workshop a huge success. We had expected 30 but over 50 children in total participated in the two Workshop sessions..

      The fantastic teaching Staff from Explore Learning, Gail and Jill, were so impressed with the turnout/interest and more importantly, with the writing skills/talent of our youngsters, they've volunteered to run another/follow-up free workshop in the summer! - watch this space! (some entries from the first workshop will also going to the National Young Writers Awards Competition 2011!)
    • Due to unforeseen circumstances the Harun Yahya Conference being hosted at the Woodfarm Education Centre on Fri, 11 March 2011, was relocated to Kabana Function Hall (64 Seaward Street, Kinning Park, Glasgow G41 1HJ) by the Conference organizers (Harun Yahya Institute). WEC apologizes for any inconvenience caused.
    • The "Exploring Community Needs" Report was launched by Arklet (former Glasgow Jewish) Housing Association, in partnership with East Renfrewshire Council, at WEC on Thursday 24th Feb.

      The event was very successful and the report served to highlight the range of growing (educational, cultural, social and religious) needs of the local community, particularly the minority ethnic Muslim community, and how local government and community organizations can work together to address them. Follow-on joint events and activities are planned - watch this space!
    • WEC organized the hugely successful "Free WEC Christmas Study Course", on 29th Dec 2010. A full class of 20 students from leading local Schools, including from Woodfarm High and St. Ninians High - both of whom had also very kindly advertised the free WEC course on the Schools' websites.

      The revision classes were run over the Christmas holidays by qualified and GTC registered subject teachers for Intermediate 2 and Higher subjects in Maths, English, Physics and Chemistry. The feedback from both students and staff was excellent, we are looking forward to organizing more classes in the future. Watch this space!
    • WEC Youth Committee volunteers were Invited WEC Speakers for delivering inter-faith Christmas Talks at Woodfarm High School on 22 Dec 2010. The aim of the talks was to highlight commonalities between Islam and Christianity, with particular reference to Jesus. The talks were very successful and the WEC Speakers have been asked to give further/regular talks at the School's Religious Education (R.E.) classes!

      Below is feedback received from the Woodfarm Depute Head Teacher:
      "Just to say a big thank you for the speakers today. The feeback from both slots was superb. Staff were very positive about the messages that were delivered. Pupils were fully engaged and I hope got a lot out of it. Please pass on my special thanks to Shoket, Ammad and Ahmed."
    • WEC organized the hugely successful inter-faith “Breaking the Fast” event during Ramadhan on Sunday, 5th Sep 2010, from 7:15PM-9PM. The event was organized in partnership with the Scottish Police Muslim Assocation (SPMA), and was attended by over 100 people from across east renfrewshire-wide communities, who 'broke fast' with the local ERC Muslim community.

      The Interfaith event included a short interactive introduction to Ramadhan (highlighting common aspects of fasting among major religions) and concluded with a complementary buffet iftaar/dinner.

      Below is some of the feedback received from participants:

      - "The event was very worthwhile. Good information was given on all faiths. The fact that local people of all faiths were invited and accepted was wonderful for community relations. Congratulations to all involved" - Leader of ERC Council, Councillor Jim Fletcher

      - "No suggestions, other than to wish you a long and happy time in your new Centre" - anonymous

      - "Thank you for the invitation and warm welcome. The culture, food and education was excellent. Come along to our Apple Day on Sunday, 12th Sep, www.gogreener.org.uk " - anonymous

      - "I think the main thrust of the evening was achieved (and exceeded in my opinion) with all the speakers using the allocated time effectively. I was also pleased to have my family (three women) allowed to observe the prayers and see so many people prepared to give up their time to explain what the various aspects were. A thoroughly enjoyable evening which was hugely educational - how about bringing to North Lanarkshire???" - Scott Lackie
    • WEC hosted the Eid Milan party organized by Jim Murphy MP and Ken Macintosh MSP on Sunday, 19 Sep 2010. The event was very well attended (by over 100 people from the local ERC Muslim community) and helped raise over 5,400 pounds for the Pakistan Floods Appeal.
    • WEC hosted the "Crime affects all communities" event in partnership with the lead organizer:
      Scottish Police Muslim Association (http://www.spma.uk.com/) on 3rd November, 2010. The event was attended by over 100 people and distinguished Speakers included, amongst others, the Scottish Justice Secretary, Kenny MacAskill.

      The event brought together experts from law enforcement to examine a range of issues, including the role of Crimestoppers and how serious organised crime impacts on Scotland.

      A motion was lodged in the Scottish Parliament in praise of this event:

      "*S3M-7302 Richard Baker: Scottish Police Muslim Association—That the Parliament congratulates the Scottish Police Muslim Association (SPMA) on hosting the Crime Affects All Communities event on 3 November 2010" - http://www.scottish.parliament.uk/business/businessBulletin/bb-10/bb-11-02f.htm

    W.E.C. Open Day

    An informal W.E.C. Open Day was held at the Woodfarm Education Centre on Friday, 2nd July 2010. The inaugural event was very well attended by local community members (including our neighbours) and Council Officials, including the ERC Chief Executive, Lorraine McMillan, Ken Macintosh MSP, Leader of East Renfrewshire Council, Councillor Jim Fletcher, and several other ERC Councillors and representatives of local community/voluntary organizations.

    We would like to thank everyone who participated and would also like to express our appreciation to those who could not attend but sent their best wishes, in particular, members of the Thornliebank Residents Assocation (please do let us know if any of you would like to visit the Centre some time in the future)

or you can also send a Text to 70070 and write WECG12 £10 in the text field to donate to the charitable Woodfarm Educational Trust and make a difference today - remember, every little helps inshaAllah!..

Build your Aakhirat and strengthen our future generations - Donate on-line (via PayPal) and invest your share in this sadaqah jariya (continuous charity) work run by volunteers

Our Achievements


Award Ceremony

Many congratulations and a BIG Thank you to the community, supporters and volunteers for helping WEC’s success in attracting people from all backgrounds, as a sign of its continuing viability as a magnet for community integration, to be recognized at the national level by winning the prestigious 2012 Scottish Minority Ethnic Achievement "Spotlight" Award – a national award that "recognises organisations or individuals who have demonstrated exceptional standards in promoting race equality, diversity and inclusion".

Helping the community

Helping the community

East Renfrewshire council have unanimously approved funding of around £170,000 for a new Muslim section in Cathcart cemetery.

The Woodfarm education centre trustees and the muslim community in East Ren worked together to secure the WEC building and grounds from the council.

A £169,000 investment across the next 12 months has been made to clear and remediate a currently overgrown patch and establish it as an area of around 1,800 lairs suitable to carry out burials for the Muslim community.

Works commenced on April 19.

Donations For Us

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W.E.C. is committed to actively playing its role to promote the good community relations that ERC residents currently enjoy. All users and Staff of the Woodfarm Education Centre are required to adhere to the W.E.C. Code of Conduct, a copy of which can be downloaded here.

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