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1. Make sure the lock button on the side is in unlock position

2. hold power button pressed for few seconds for display to appear

3. use the volume control wheel button (the at top right corner) to scroll the menu options and select SETUP. In case top menu doesn't appear just press the BACK button.

4. once SETUP (wranch shape) is highlighted in the menu press OK button in the middle of big wheel, in the front bit of device just under the display screen

5. Now rotate big wheel to select NETWORK SETUP and press OK

6. then select WIRELESS LAN and press OK

7. select ADD/REMOVE AP press OK

8. select ADD AP or EDIT AP (if already setup) press OK

9. select your network from appearing list of wireless networks available press OK

10. select KEY press OK

11. now use the wheel to select each bit of the key carefully and press OK for each selection

12. once to finish input the network key (provided by your internet service provider or written on your router) press BACK button

13. select SAVE

14. once the key is saved the device will show connected to network

15. press BACK button until menu appear again on screen

16. this time there should be just two icons on screen one is like mosque and second is like rocket

16a. the mosque icon is to select NABISHI STATIONS (where Woodfarm is one of them)

16b. the rocket is to enter into main menu

17. select the mosque icon and press OK

18. press OK to select and play woodfarm station

W.E.C. recent events


or you can also send a Text to 70070 and write WECG12 £10 in the text field to donate to the charitable Woodfarm Educational Trust and make a difference today - remember, every little helps inshaAllah!..

Build your Aakhirat and strengthen our future generations - Donate on-line (via PayPal) and invest your share in this sadaqah jariya (continuous charity) work run by volunteers

Our Achievements


ER Volunteer Award


Masha'Allah! Many congratulations to our WEC volunteer, Haji Rafique Choudry, for winning the prestigious East Renfrewshire (ER) Volunteer of the Year Award, at the 2014 ER Volunteer Awards Ceremony, organized by elected ER representatives in Newton Mearns, on 31 May 2014.


Award Ceremony

Many congratulations and a BIG Thank you to the community, supporters and volunteers for helping WEC’s success in attracting people from all backgrounds, as a sign of its continuing viability as a magnet for community integration, to be recognized at the national level by winning the prestigious 2012 Scottish Minority Ethnic Achievement "Spotlight" Award – a national award that "recognises organisations or individuals who have demonstrated exceptional standards in promoting race equality, diversity and inclusion".

Helping the community

Helping the community

East Renfrewshire council have unanimously approved funding of around £170,000 for a new Muslim section in Cathcart cemetery.

The Woodfarm education centre trustees and the muslim community in East Ren worked together to secure the WEC building and grounds from the council.

A £169,000 investment across the next 12 months has been made to clear and remediate a currently overgrown patch and establish it as an area of around 1,800 lairs suitable to carry out burials for the Muslim community.

Works commenced on April 19.

Donations For Us

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W.E.C. is committed to actively playing its role to promote the good community relations that ERC residents currently enjoy. All users and Staff of the Woodfarm Education Centre are required to adhere to the W.E.C. Code of Conduct, a copy of which can be downloaded here.

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