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"Welcome to the East Renfrewshire Muslims Forum (ERMF) website"

This temporary website is being continuously updated...(and will shortly be moved to the dedicated ERMF site: http://ermf.org.uk )

"And hold firmly to the rope of Allah all together and do not become divided. And remember the favor of Allah upon you - when you were enemies and He brought your hearts together and you became, by His favor, brothers. And you were on the edge of a pit of the Fire, and He saved you from it. Thus does Allah make clear to you His verses that you may be guided." The Holy Quran/Last Testament (Surah Al-Imran [3:103]

ERMF is an exciting unified community platform/network comprising all 3 existing fully-functional ER based Muslim Community Centres, specifically:

(1) Woodfarm Education Centre (WEC)

1 Burns Grove
Glasgow G46 7HF

Website: http://woodfarmeducationcentre.org.uk
E-mail: admin@woodfarmeducationcentre.org.uk

(2) East Ren Centre Ltd. (ERCL)

8 Langrig Road
Newton Mearns
Glasgow G77 5AA

(3) Iqra Learning Centre (ILC)

West Hurlet House
Glasgow Road Nitshill
Glasgow G53 7TH

Website: http://www.ilcglasgow.co.uk

The ERMF was established in November 2013, to represent the collective voice of the ER Muslim community, and is regularly highlighted in the local media, for example, see:




For further information and to join/support your local ER Muslim Community Centre, contact any of the three ERMF partners, or email:


ERMF welcomes and invites all members of the ER Muslim community to support the unified and co-ordinated efforts of the three ER Muslim community centres in both consolidating our existing facilities and also exploring an appropriate site for a possible future purpose-built Mosque, alongside other future strategic community projects - for serving our coming generations inshaa' Allah.


Following the invited meeting of ERMF representatives with the ER Council on 13 August 2014, ERMF has launched a Public Consultation to solicit and forward the ER community's collective views to the Council for its Maidenhill Masterplan (in North Newton Mearns). The Council planners have identified three potential sites in the Maidenhill Masterplan for siting a possible future ER Muslim religious and community facility, and has sought the community's views by 21 August 2014.

You can obtain a copy of the ERMF Community Consultation Questionnaire from your local ER Centre or by emailing:

Please complete and return the completed questionnaire to your local ER centre, and have YOUR say in shaping the future ER muslim community facilities for our coming generations insha'Allah!

First ERMF Public Statement, 11 Nov 2013

"Joint-Statement from the ER Muslim Community" issued at the first ever ER Muslim community Public Meeting organized at WEC, on 11 Nov 2013 (please turn over for latest ERMF Public Statement)

"In light of media coverage and to dispel the misperception of there being a significant division in the East Renfrewshire Muslim community, all the major Muslim community organizations based in East Renfrewshire felt it would be best to submit a statement, on behalf of the local communities they serve, which confirms the community's united position in support of the 'Proposed Religious/Community Facility' at Capelrig Road, Newton Mearns.

Currently the East Renfrewshire (ER) Muslim community is served by three local facilities:

Woodfarm Education Centre (WEC) – Giffnock/Thornliebank (founded in 2009) East Ren Centre (ERCL) – Newton Mearns (founded in 2011) Iqra Learning Centre (ILC) – Barrhead (founded in 2012)

These Centres are instrumental in providing a wide range of educational, religious, social and recreational activities to serve the needs of the local Muslim and wider East Renfrewshire community.

However, the growing ER Muslim community is keen to ensure that the upcoming Local Development Plan includes a site which may be used for establishing a potential Muslim facility.

Therefore, on that basis the Muslim community would like to express its collective support for the Proposed Religious/Community Facility at Capelrig Road to be included in the Local Development Plan. It is the consensus of the Muslim community organizations that this site is most appropriate for the purposes of establishing a dedicated religious/community facility and that any issues relating to the design, proposed usage, safety, access, traffic and parking issues will be appropriately addressed at the planning application stage, with the advice of ER Council.

We have also established a joint-forum, East Renfrewshire Muslims Forum (ERMF), comprising the existing ER Muslim community organizations (i.e. ERCL, ILC & WEC), so they can work closely together in the future to effectively serve the community's needs and provide a platform for the ER Muslim community to collectively discuss and voice their opinions on all local and common issues, and support each other where possible."

Agreed by Representatives of WEC, ERCL and ILC

Date: 11th November 2013

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Our Achievements


ER Volunteer Award


Masha'Allah! Many congratulations to our WEC volunteer, Haji Rafique Choudry, for winning the prestigious East Renfrewshire (ER) Volunteer of the Year Award, at the 2014 ER Volunteer Awards Ceremony, organized by elected ER representatives in Newton Mearns, on 31 May 2014.


Award Ceremony

Many congratulations and a BIG Thank you to the community, supporters and volunteers for helping WEC’s success in attracting people from all backgrounds, as a sign of its continuing viability as a magnet for community integration, to be recognized at the national level by winning the prestigious 2012 Scottish Minority Ethnic Achievement "Spotlight" Award – a national award that "recognises organisations or individuals who have demonstrated exceptional standards in promoting race equality, diversity and inclusion".

Helping the community

Helping the community

East Renfrewshire council have unanimously approved funding of around £170,000 for a new Muslim section in Cathcart cemetery.

The Woodfarm education centre trustees and the muslim community in East Ren worked together to secure the WEC building and grounds from the council.

A £169,000 investment across the next 12 months has been made to clear and remediate a currently overgrown patch and establish it as an area of around 1,800 lairs suitable to carry out burials for the Muslim community.

Works commenced on April 19.

Donations For Us

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W.E.C. is committed to actively playing its role to promote the good community relations that ERC residents currently enjoy. All users and Staff of the Woodfarm Education Centre are required to adhere to the W.E.C. Code of Conduct, a copy of which can be downloaded here.

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